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The March Show – Komuso, Ry-om, Miasmos

Komuso had McCloud and Waxed Apples’ Caleb guesting on bass guitar and bent drum machine respectively. Cliff forsaking the drums and controlling the mix, and Derek on CD decks and FX.

Enormous sheets of sound, occasional grooves and random bits of dialogue from a film being shown (not in this mix) from a box at the back.

here is an excerpt from around 5 minutes in:


Ry-om were beautiful, abtsract, and comlpetely stereo, which means that the problem with the Minidisk won’t give us a recording that does justice to their set, I think it may well be available from them, though, at


If not they have lots of other bits and pieces: recommended.

Miasmos gave us epic sequenced movements with some fat analogue sounds (where from?) and lengthy delays. Its just mono enough that I don’t feel too bad faking up a stereo track from the Right channel, but if you want more (and you do) he has cd’s avalable from www.superbo.org

Here is his last (lengthy) piece I don’t have the name for it: