The Baby feast begins

January 2016
Green Door Store


Goitt Jack starts his set off with some statement making monster bass blasts. They really make full use of the Green Door Store’s extended bass frequencies, they’re slow and powerful and he builds up some other regular noises in there before picking up his saxophone and letting it rip into his effects chain. There’s some pretty heavy distortion in there and his playing pretty quickly builds in intensity, with the bass blasts getting twisted with pitch bends before it falls away and starts building again around a more complex sequence. I think he could barely talk for a while after the end of that, he looked completely blown out.


Komuso Komuso (Derek and Cliff) are joined on stage by Der Rompf (Robert and Stephen). Starting slow, grit and warble with e-bowed guitar sliding in. A big metal sheet propped up against one of the GDS oil drum tables and electronic drums rattle in a Martin Denny-esque exotic patter, curling the guitar off into arabesques before fading out into noise and space whorls. Cliff has an interesting approach to the electronic drums, scraping around the edge and beating the limits rather than time. It builds again before sliding down to a quiet keyboard figure before some bassy growling gets them in the mood for proper metal bashing beats and space beeps to out.


Baby Baby start warble and growl; cornet against cello with vibraphone bell and scrape before it starts to get a bit ominous with some choral decay before will gets onto the acoustic guitar and thinks get into more spacious territory, Alice’s cello dropping to strummed bass figures, odd Vibe tones, stroke of drum and slow cornet or Korg from Al, before Will suddenly stands and switches to flute which picks thing up, Adam beating cymbals, Will circling, the synth toning and Alice harsh jars on the bass strings with a moment of suspension with Al’s effects suspended lighter than air before the cello drones in all scare and we spiral out to nothing. The second piece starts with scrapes and whispers against scurried string plucks, before flute drones in underneath and the Korg does a detuned space warble under vibes and voices and isolated short flute flurries before we do an odd revisit to Denny but in a somewhat more ribald fashion

See Agata’s Flickr collection of photographs of the show at:

Funbox House Party

An evening where I feel I should have been taking notes, Laboratoro combined Gallician poetry, dancing, drums, funny looking old electronics and field recordings.

Komuso skipped the field recordings this time, but did use i-phones. but not on this bit.

No electronics at all for Barking Toad but plenty of left field inclination. This is some of the more sensual side, to complement the skronkier side displayed in the video below.

Visuals as usual by Vache, some nice video of her at work on the Komuso video.

There is more video on the myspace site.

Laboratoro live at The SPirit of Gravity Feb 2011

The Spirit of Gravity | Myspace Music Videos

Komuso Live at The Spirit of Gravity Feb 2011 (vache)

The Spirit of Gravity | Myspace Music Videos

Barking Toad Live at The Spirit of Gravity Feb 2011

The Spirit of Gravity | Myspace Music Videos

A journey through February sound

Starting with lots of space : reverbed pianos and field recordings and banging through to Hi density bangers.

Komuso, starting as a two piece , finishing as four had a musical journey of their own, and here is a bit of it.

Replaced by Gagarin, all on his ownsome, but making up for that with an increase in intensity and rhythm.

Heres some of his set with more rhythm and less tune that most, but I liked the clicky bits.

Then with a foot on the monitor and something of a bounce in the step, we rounded off with Urban Delights who unplugged my recorder so I have no mp3.

Still they are on myspace and I have some video below. . . .

Komuso Live at the Spirit of Gravity feb 2009

Komuso Live at the Spirit of Gravity feb 2009

Gagarin Live at the Spirit of Gravity. feb 2009. II

gagarin live at SoG feb2009

urban delights live at sog feb 2009

Outside the space-age

A busy night at the marlborough Theatre, starting off with a brief but entertaining burst of unpoesy analogue improv from that fake bureacracy. The picture has Notnick Rilke reclining and Untony’s rather nice van’s just visible from behind the table.

Is their entire set.

Komuso Buddha machines had another special one off performance for us. This time a piece for six Buddha machines and two Zoundz. The Buddha machines were distributed amongst members of the audience who had complete control of them and there was one Zoundz machine onstage with FX and one Zoundz in the audience. Overall a very inetersting experience in 3d sound. Here rendered in Mono simulated stereo.


Hot Roddy Bingo. Really needs no description. But that won’t stop me. Brief bursts of Hot Roddy songs, including live sitar. In random order, with bingo numbers called. The winner was Mr Gillitt of Roundhill Crescent who won the ingredients to make pancakes (it was shrove Tuesday after all).


KEYKEEPER+TEMPOS, Henry made an introductory speech about the nature of experimental music making and its current state. Then with some new software tweaked to strangeness, a toy guitar and some household appliances he sang a few songs There is a point on the recording where you can hear someone say “It’s like Danny and the Dressmakers crossed with The Butthole Surfers in a washing machine…In space”
And thats a fair enough set of pointers if you know any of them concerend. For the rest of you its Outsider electro-noise art.


The March Show – Komuso, Ry-om, Miasmos

Komuso had McCloud and Waxed Apples’ Caleb guesting on bass guitar and bent drum machine respectively. Cliff forsaking the drums and controlling the mix, and Derek on CD decks and FX.

Enormous sheets of sound, occasional grooves and random bits of dialogue from a film being shown (not in this mix) from a box at the back.

here is an excerpt from around 5 minutes in:


Ry-om were beautiful, abtsract, and comlpetely stereo, which means that the problem with the Minidisk won’t give us a recording that does justice to their set, I think it may well be available from them, though, at

If not they have lots of other bits and pieces: recommended.

Miasmos gave us epic sequenced movements with some fat analogue sounds (where from?) and lengthy delays. Its just mono enough that I don’t feel too bad faking up a stereo track from the Right channel, but if you want more (and you do) he has cd’s avalable from

Here is his last (lengthy) piece I don’t have the name for it: