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Purple bone fish

December 2014
The Scope

Idiot Drone Farm

Idiot Drone Farm
Idiot Drone Farm set up in the end bit of the L shaped room at The Caroline of Brunswick on two tables facing each other and took turns producing drones from boxes with no real markings. The drones switched back and forth between the pair with occasional episodes of simultaneous action.


Tourian Tourian was next, Fabriccio set up on a chair under the screen, with a laptop, home-made almost toy-shoppish wooden box with big round buttons and a mic through fx, wearing a black and white Mexican cowboy shirt with a black hood over his head. He played down some pretty full on noise, screaming through the hood into the effects chain and generally letting rip with a hearty grace. The human origin of some of the noise added something to the electronic and digital harshness of the rest of it.

Ripshaw Catfish shoaling with Static Memories

Ripshaw Catfish shoaling with Static Memories Giving us some respite from the density of the rest of the evening Ripshaw Catfish (Cath Roberts on baritone sax and Anton Hunter on guitar) shoaling with Static Memories (Gus Garside double bass and Dan Powell guitar into laptop/effects) was spacious and studied. I was expecting the baritone to be deafening in the room, but Cath really kept it down to breathy levels with, I think a knock on effect on everyone else. Static Memories have been playing a lot and this was probably the highlight for me, some deft playing, some deft not playing (a hard trick) the two sets of musicians blending well and picking up that emergent shoaling behaviour quite nicely.


Nyogtha Finishing off the evening were Nyogtha, apparently they’d hung a backdrop which I didn’t notice (a big old thing with a goats head and stuff on it seems) and had two guitars both smeared through effects into thick pastes of drone, with over-reverbed vocals (my fault) and a drum machine that heavily featured a gong.

Nyogtha backdrop

Unfortunately, we have no video available for this event.