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Aircon 1: long hot night of the soul (ViV, Warrior Squares, The Zero Map)

The midsummer shows are always a bit tricky when we come up against a major football tournament, who could fail to forget the music being drowned out at The Little Marlborough Theatre by the ladies downstairs cheering when Joe Cole scored?
So not being up against an England game was a good start. The lineup being such quality also helped.

Set up in front of the stage we had The Zero Map, Chloe and Karl from the A Band making moody psychedelic stuff. That gets harder to describe every time I listen to it.
It started out with a didgeridoo-ish warble and ended like this.

I’m still not sure if Geoff Leigh is a full time member of the Warrior Squares or has just happened to be sitting in with them whenever I’ve seen them, but this set was blindingly good, Geoff was on fire and so where the St Leonards boys.
Perversely rather than put up something from the beginning which was amongst the best I’ve ever seen at SoG, I’ve cut this bit from near the end.

And rounding off the evening in their inimitable fashion, we have ViV, featuring Alistairs new toy…

ViV live @ SoG – “have you seen this cat?”

The Spirit of Gravity | MySpace Music Videos

The Zero Map live @ SoG

The Spirit of Gravity | MySpace Music Videos

The Warrior Squares (w/Geoff Leigh) at SoG

The Spirit of Gravity | MySpace Music Videos