It’s hard to explain

November 2014
The Scope

Stuart turned up early and cracked jokes and kept everyone (well me at least) entertained before we opened. The evening was a performance of a few of Bobby’s scores from his new book “Music in Text”. Which will help explain some of the things that happen.

As people were coming in I was getting them to do some lemon sucking while listening to the pinging tines of a fork.

Dan Powell and Paul Khimasia Morgan

Dan Powell and Paul Khimasia Morgan The evening started with a new duo of Paul Khimasia Morgan and Dan Powell. Dan had his laptop and a scattering of percussion and Paul had a tape player, zither and some jumble of things. Quiet and elliptical, rattling and humming.

Bobby Barry

Bobby Barry Robert Barry / Bobby Barry / Monster Bobby introduced his book, explained some pieces and what the book was about. He performed three pieces which were more loosely based on his scores than following them. Lots of processing and electronics.


Nil nil set up an impromptu kitchen for Culinary Music, mic’d up the boiling pan and shopping board. Chris Parfitt is so wonderfully deadpan, a career in silent movies was sadly avoided. Dan has a lot more ham. But not literally.

Tony Rimbaud has some of the more prepared pieces worked out, and a rather lovely vocal piece compiled out of previously recorded parts.

For the next piece musicians are scattered around the room hidden in corners arpeggiating away, Chris in one corner, little Kev in another, me under the screen, Tony and Steve over by the door…

We have an attempt at conducting a new language, splitting the room by vowels and consonants. but it all ends up as swearing.

It might not help with understanding what went on, but there are some rather lovely photos at Agata Urbaniak’s flickr page:
Tony Rimbaud has also uploaded his full pieces on his SoundCloud page:

Some days are all about the geometry

October 2014
Green Door Store

Nicholas Langley and Hassni Malik

Nicholas Langley and Hassni Malik

Ah, we’re well into autumn now. Rain and all that. Nicholas Langley and Hassni Malik have built a big cube in the middle of the floor at the Green Door Store and wrapped it in cling film. With the house lights down its just possible to see them moving around inside – torches and synth lights moving around on the ground. They start all beeps and clicks before being overtaken by tonal drones and voices turn replaced by arpeggios before dropping back down into a lengthy space drift and then eventually powering off into space for an epic encounter with a gas giant before dropping back down to minimal whirrs and building back to a finally that seemed to explore the deeper reaches of cold interstellar space.



Quickly before you can say boo, the cube is denuded of cling film and fresh tightly wrapped in white ready for Supercell and Bartosz’s orthogonal twin projector visuals. Caleb Madden starts the set with a blistering wail of pure distortion: loud and primal, breaking tones and roaring unstructured fuzz, lovely. Then bang! It drops to four to the floor for at least 16 bars before a reverberant field recording wells slowly around it. It’s an age before further percussion slowly joins and finally some swooping old style hardcore bass buzz. The breakdown sees this noise up into a relentless techno jam before rubber band analogue starts to flip. And then back into noise and bass drum pulses and before you know it, it’s done. I listened to quite a bit of the set from inside the cube surrounded by Bartosz’s Blocks of Red/Black/White/Grey geometra sliding around me. Recommended.

Aigon DAAC

Aigon DAAC

The cube is gone before the final act are ready (on the stage, no less, I doubt they’d think of themselves as orthodox, but there you go). Aigon DAAC start with slowly buzzing double bass drones murking with electronic washes, occasionally shimmering into identifiable synth tones, but often blending seamlessly between the bass and deft cassette manipulation – I can’t say I’ve ever seen such an adept handling of the tapes, proper listening and exact contributions in a quiet very concentrated improvising environment. And as with the best improv hard to describe… There were moments of rich bowed bass, small clicks and sustained quiet feedback; dissonant screeching and at one point the distinct feeling of having a Shuggoth come hurtling at you only to dissipate in mist once it reached the open air. Remarkable.

21st January at the Scope: duck-rabbit / Duncan Harrison / Laborotoro

The Spirit of Gravity presents the Scope VI

SOG Jan 15 poster

Electro-acousti​c trickster trio

duck-rabbit explore two contrasting and overlapping personalities, one acoustic, one electronic. Using unique electronic instruments, they interact with their acoustic improvisations. This interaction creates an absorbing interplay between past and present, a constant reimagining of ideas within an expanded sonic terrain.​

Duncan Harrison
The missing link between Bernard Heidsieck and Bruce Dickinson

Duncan Harrison says: “I used to have terrifying recurring nightmares in my childhood in which Ronald McDonald would enter my house and climb the stairs at an agonisingly slow pace before tickling me in my bed and leaving. I was a victim of these nightmares on and off until aged around 10 when I finally fought and killed him in one last explosive episode of these dreams. Having stabbed him deeply in the sternum with my Father’s red handled bread knife, I watched him transform into a withered and extremely aged version of himself. He apologised for all the past intrusions he’d made into my life and said he only did it to support his family. I forgave him and he disappeared.
18 years on, I have yet to dream of Ronald McDonald again, though I am certain when my time comes to die it will be at the hands of his vengeful, orphaned son.”

“Ghosts of WWII Bunkers” Installation

Laboratoro present new work that involves transporting the invisible ghosts of some WWII bunkers to the Caroline of Brunswick for a live performance/ installation. Expect artificial acoustic spaces, noise, movement and five black mirrors.
When they played at the GDS for us it was described as “The oddest thing I’ve ever seen… even here”.

All the Lissajous figures you could ask for

Wednesday 21st January | 8pm – 11.00pm | Feed the piggy donations on the door please
@ The Caroline of Brunswick, 39 Ditchling Rd, Brighton


Thursday 5th February at the Green Door Store: Pop night with Olivia Louvel, Guards! Guards! (Monster Bobby and Lisa Bouvier) and The Organ Grinder’s Monkey

17th December at the Scope: Ripsaw Catfish shoaling with Static Memories / Tourian / Nyogotha / Idiot Drone Farm

The Spirit of Gravity presents the Scope V

SOG Dec 14 poster

Ripsaw Catfish shoaling with Static Memories

Ripsaw Catfish is Anton Hunter (guitar) and Cath Roberts (baritone saxophone). The Manchester and London-based duo formed in 2013 to explore improvised and composed music, and whatever lies between those things. They employ a collection of pre-composed elements which can be drawn upon, or not, during the course of an improvisation.

In Autumn 2014 they are embarking on a UK tour with a collaborative focus. The duo will assemble ad hoc ensembles (‘shoals’) of improvising musicians from each location to play spontaneous sets of new music informed by, incorporating or ignoring the Ripsaw Catfish composed material.


Experimental ambient clash electronic noise punk ruido space music from Guadalajara


Brought into being in 2007, Nyogotha is a project in the creation of introspective soundscapes and meditative ambience that recreates the experience of being in nothingness. Inspired by the minimalism of Sunn O))) and Skepticism in consort with the psychedelic sounds of Hawkwind and Lycia, Nyogtha seeks to bring together Doom and Shoegaze so as to take the listener on a journey into the void.

Idiot Drone Farm in an Idiot Drone Off

Making their Début for The Spirit of Gravity, long time collective members formed IDF last year and will go head to head in a major league drone off. Hopefully with B-Boy jeering and rabble rousing antics.
“All the drone-heads in the house go “HmmMMMmmm!”

All the Lissajous figures you could ask for

Wednesday 17th December | 8pm – 11.00pm | Feed the piggy donations on the door please
@ The Caroline of Brunswick, 39 Ditchling Rd, Brighton


Wednesday 21st January at the Scope: Warrior Squares / Laborotoro

[beep] and booster

October 2014
The Scope Month 3

Arborio Auralist

Arboria Auralist Anthony from [beep], playing as Arboria Auralist, turns up late and line checks and seems to be enjoying himself so much he just plays on, lots of toys with indeterminate function. Some look quite expensive and are impressively tactile, some look home-made and make superbly scrungy noises. His set is suitably freeform and, as the lights get dimmed to accommodate the eventness of his playing, a general air of blissing out takes over from the “what is that thing-ness” although the Tenori-on has a delightful pinball kind of visualisation going on for a rhythm part near the end that I find quite engaging.


Ampism Ampism is Paul from Bolide’s solo project, tapes and small synth and effects, its very clean, surprisingly given the source materials, with a nicely constructed sound collage feel. With some proper bass.

In the intervals I’m mostly talking to a couple of people who have recently moved from Reading and started coming to shows, and Melita who’s mocking me for another sausage fest after the good effort with the Fort. And rightly so.


Stereocilia Stereocilia is John Scott and plays a lengthy psychedelic set that starts with synth drones and loops before he switches back to his guitar and arpeggios quite nicely over the top, still keeping the loops and drones going in the background, there is a nice point where the background layers fall away leaving only his guitar picking and he adds in a couple of bass string scrapes that sound like Humpback Whale song and another one where the rain against the window makes the sound of a snare resonating against the skin of a non-existent drum.

Arboria Auralist Then Anthony plays his closing set, a more loose affair than the first, even allowing for the way that had started, with people gathered around looking at what he’s up to, but he does get the hydrophone into his glass of beer, which is good, even if it makes me worry about him spilling sticky drops over everything else as he bangs it about on the table. Good. This is what it’s all about.

27th November at the Green Door Store: Mai Mai Mai / Hum / Breaking Robots

Experimental electronics, improv, incantations and astral forays from Brighton and the Outer Limits

SOG Nov 14 poster

Mai Mai Mai
Italo-Occulto-Psychedlicko astral forays

Solo project by Rome based Toni Cutrone. His latest output Δέλτα (Delta) is a journey of Italo-Occulto-Psychedlicko astral forays that stretch beyond space and time. Ceremonial driving beats mix and weave with far-out ambient son0scapes and Giallo tinted non-melodies. Cutrone is also a member of the noise-rock outfit Hiroshima Rocks and runs the NO=FI Recordings label, Dal Verme Club in Rome and annual Thalassa festival. Bello…

incantations, chanting drones, ritual drummings, french variété

[shanti, shanti, shanti] [[[₪{{{

Kosmik Phenomenon, constellation triangle of MW // H \\ Uiutna ~ WE ARE ONE ~ mantra Arch-Mages of astral magic and sound Mysteries, H+U+M unite Elements, whirl, lift {stones, spacecraft bell, electronics>>>> They abandon themselveself to alchemical practice, incantations, chanting drones, ritual drummings, french variété ; “All things done must come undone”
FX From the Depths, they venture, voyage~voyage {{sonicexplorations, interzone travels, cyphers, waves, bubble, aux couleurs d’été eternelle………

They invite you for soul dance – particules – envision vision division : Los…Void…Clasp…Cloud…Hands…Eye…Sea…More…INFINITY

Heloise and Olmo (Uiutna) run ZamZam recs out of Bristol dedicating sacred energies to the label and putting on many gigs-events-radios-festivals-fares etc. in Bristol and beyond…. Mark Wagner runs MKII creative and healing space in London.

Breaking Robots
Free improvisation on the themes of assimilation & disintegration to promote a human awakening process through music and performance that seeks awareness and solutions to dehumanising social conditions & behaviour

Cymagick demo

Cymagick describes a practice consisting of : study of Vibratory Phenomena, Mystical Experience and Creative Expression.
The term is derived from Cymatics – the science of visualisation of sound, and is composed of the words Kyma which is Greek for wave and magick, with a ‘k’ to mark it’s esoteric tradition and occult leanings and to differentiate it from stage magic. Cymagick is insight into the vibratory nature of all things and shows some of the mesmerising invisible correlations between worlds seen and unseen. It bears profound metaphysical implications which often provoke strong physical, mental and spiritual effects in the manipulator and spectator alike…

Wildrfid DJ
Disco-functional creative DJ Si-mon Wildrfid half way between Jockey and live de/recomposition. Runs cult experimental output record label Wildrfid from Switzerland.

Thursday 27th November | 8pm – 10.30pm | £5
@ The Green Door Store


Wednesday 17th December at the Scope: Ripsaw Catfish shoaling with The Static Memories / Nyogotha

Wednesday 21st January at the Scope: Warrior Squares / Laborotoro

19th November at the Scope: Robert Barry “Music in Texts” / Dan Powell and Paul Khimasia Morgan

The Spirit of Gravity presents the fourth night of the Scope, our new sound lab type of thing

SOG Nov 14 poster

Robert Barry “Music in Texts”

Realisations of text scores from Bobby Barry’s new book “Music in Text” performed by groups and individuals

Late replacement – Dan Powell and Paul Khimasia Morgan

Paul Khimasia Morgan is an improviser, currently working with electronics, zither and the sonification of low voltage. Paul’s music has been released on Absence Of Wax, Aural Detritus, Engraved Glass, Con-V, Cronica and his own The Slightly Off Kilter Label. Paul curates aural detritus concert series and writes for The Sound Projector.
“…a weft of mysterious hums and clicks that creeps organically across the intervening space between the speakers and my ears, never quite identifying itself but always offering tantalizing glimpses…” – Brian Olewnik, Just Outside

Dan Powell began making sound for installation works in London in the mid 90′s and was involved in live arts group OMSK. Since moving to Brighton in 2000 he has concentrated on experimental and improvised music. He is a member of Brighton based collective The Spirit of Gravity and has performed across the UK. Dan is also a member of free improv duo Nil with Chris Parfitt and The Static Memories with Gus Garside.

All the Lissajous figures you could ask for

Wednesday 19th November | 8pm – 11.00pm | Feed the piggy donations on the door please
@ The Caroline of Brunswick, 39 Ditchling Rd, Brighton