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Jooooooooolay, its pop crazy

The Tim Sagar Drone Syndicate played a rather lovely drone raga version of “Don’t stop til you get enough” to celebrate the demise of a recent celebrity.

Dear Britch sat nicely at the bar in a cloud of smoke, vamping it up as usual. Alex (below did the sound for him).

Tom Hall twittered and gonged and scraped but didn’t itch.

Devil Man (Shige and Gou) dubrocked in a superdense bass heavy way.

Mostly its audience recordings rather than off the desk, this was for a variety of reasons – but hey! you can soak up the atmosphere.

Apart from Tom Hall visuals were by The _minimalVector slide project.

These posts are brief cos my laptop keyboard is mental. and not in a good way.

Tim Sagar Drone Syndicate SoG July 2009

Dear Britch – Live at SoG July 2009

Tom Hall live at the Spirit of Gravity July 2009

Devil Man Live @ SoG July

Hot August Night

Stealing the show with his mighty tower of power was Jonny Faoi.

I chose the beatiest passage I could to prove a point. Which isn’t to say it’s the most banging.


After that a trip to space might be in order.

With Henry Collins, Steve minimal impact and McCloud providing the Spirit of Gravity Quartet, and Safehouses Geoff Hearn providing the Saxello (curved Soprano Saxophone apparently).


The saxello was actually so loud at the show that hardly any of it needed to come through the PA, so this was about the only section you can hear Geoff. Unlike on the night when it was clear as a bell. If I’d been more organised we could have a microphone recording as well.

And dear, DearBritch hiding behind the curtains.

Reading from The Book, funny and frightening as usual. Again, Stuarts voice was hardly in need of the PA in this theatre space (Good ProjecTion there), so I had to tinker a bit to make him (even barely) audible from this desk recording. But aren’t the backing tracks great, though? And if you wanted hi-fidelity you wouldn’t be looking for it on a 96K mp3 of a live show would you?