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Apparently Eric, who was playing at The Albert, asked his crowd why on earth they weren’t at ours to see Eugene Chadbourne.
And quite right too.

I thought we’d start with a picture of SoG regular Simon hacking his teddybear at the elektrocreche.

Set up next to the elektrocreche was Vache who was handspooling VHS for the visuals.

It was a tough show to schedule but someone had to go first, Henry grasped the nettle and took the opportunity to play a full length Slashs Wormhole set in three parts. pt I featured a tennis racquet and ping pong ball and harp chair, followed by a duet for exercise bike/bass hurdy gurdy and fuzz guitar and rounded off with a duet for toolbox and vuvuzela.

Sandwiched in the middle were Gus Garside, Annie Kerr and Monty Oxymoron, who I’m trying to convince call themselves HaHaHa. This a bit from near the end where Monty was whacking a brass dog he had stashed under the birdcage.

And the main event was Eugene Chadbourne, starting on banjo and finishing on electric guitar (including a rousing version of “City of Corruption”). This is the first song, possibly called the old piano.

Eugene Chadbourne live at SoG Sept 2010

The Spirit of Gravity | Myspace Music Videos

Eugene Chadbourne live at sog September 2010

The Spirit of Gravity | Myspace Music Videos

Gus Garside, Monty Oxymoron and Annie Kerr – Monty spanks

The Spirit of Gravity | Myspace Music Videos

Slashs Wormhole live at SoG sept 2010

The Spirit of Gravity | Myspace Music Videos