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Apparently Eric, who was playing at The Albert, asked his crowd why on earth they weren’t at ours to see Eugene Chadbourne.
And quite right too.

I thought we’d start with a picture of SoG regular Simon hacking his teddybear at the elektrocreche.

Set up next to the elektrocreche was Vache who was handspooling VHS for the visuals.

It was a tough show to schedule but someone had to go first, Henry grasped the nettle and took the opportunity to play a full length Slashs Wormhole set in three parts. pt I featured a tennis racquet and ping pong ball and harp chair, followed by a duet for exercise bike/bass hurdy gurdy and fuzz guitar and rounded off with a duet for toolbox and vuvuzela.

Sandwiched in the middle were Gus Garside, Annie Kerr and Monty Oxymoron, who I’m trying to convince call themselves HaHaHa. This a bit from near the end where Monty was whacking a brass dog he had stashed under the birdcage.

And the main event was Eugene Chadbourne, starting on banjo and finishing on electric guitar (including a rousing version of “City of Corruption”). This is the first song, possibly called the old piano.

Eugene Chadbourne live at SoG Sept 2010

The Spirit of Gravity | Myspace Music Videos

Eugene Chadbourne live at sog September 2010

The Spirit of Gravity | Myspace Music Videos

Gus Garside, Monty Oxymoron and Annie Kerr – Monty spanks

The Spirit of Gravity | Myspace Music Videos

Slashs Wormhole live at SoG sept 2010

The Spirit of Gravity | Myspace Music Videos

brothers and the hoover

An exciting evenings entertainment, lets get going. pictures and mp3’s first, video later….

Heres an brief snippet of Tony Rimbauds current project I’m Dr Buoyant

And then Robin Rimbauds Scanner followed by another picture showing _minimalVector to better effect.

And then a drop down roll on the floor crazyfest

From Slash’s Wormhole.

I’m dr buoyant – Sog Jan

slash’s wormhole sog jan 2009

slash’s wormhole intro sog 2009

scanner @ sog Jan 2009

scanner @ sog Jan 2009 pt II

scanner @ sog Jan 2009 pt III