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Singing backwards from the east

This is Andre’s Elbow. Andre is Hoofus, he sounds like this – it’s very good, we enjoyed it. he has some CD@s for sale at his website, I had one briefly, but don’t any more.

After Andre we had Frances, Frances sings and plays the guitar and the Casio as Animal Magic Tricks. Animal Magic Tricks are not like Hoofus. They sound like this. We like them too.

Finally for June we had Monster Bobby, he is in the Pipettes backing band, but doesn’t sound like The Pipettes or Frances or Andre. He sounds like this. One of these songs was on our first compilation CD. And was also a Pipettes b-side.

Dunno about you, I thought the June show was bloody marvellous.

Heres some video

Hoofus Live at SoG June 2009

Animal Magic Tricks pt II SoG July 2009

Monster Bobby Live at SoG June 2009

There are more videos at the SoG Myspace Page.

november will be magic again

As close as we’ll get to a Christmas show I reckon, the November show was indeed magic.

The Reasonable Men displayed simple virtuosity on guitars, keyboards laptop and some strange tone generator that I was quite enthralled by (More! More!). And they played for 45 minutes. Good job they started early.

Monster Bobby played his guitar, Dr Sample and Casio keyboard (“The hiss? I could get rid of that, but I rather like it”). He sings songs, including “The burning ambition of early diuretics” and this one, the epic “I heard you’d moved away”.

minimal impact, well, compared to the high intensity version that was to follow on Thursday at Sog@Wrong this was pretty low impact, but still, dronetastic. Echoes, drones, sheep and spacemen.