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Why isn’t it like it was 10 years ago? (UPDATED FOR TIM)

 Due to an incredible laxness brought on by unseasonable lethargy caused by unseasonable cold and rain, followed by unseasonable lethargy due to seasonal heat I’m really late getting this posted up, July should follow soon…

Henry finished the show with an uncharacteristic set, in Shitmat terms of  superfast breaks and comedy gabba, but if you’d been paying attention to his blog you would have seen the mighty Mash Hits project taking shape (http://www.shitmat.co.uk/category/mashhits/) and you would have known that The Spirity of Gravity was hosting the only live performance of it…

We’ve been trying to link up with Tim Didymus for well over two years and so we were really happy to host this performance of the automated Glass Armonica and synth setup, it was truly something special.

And starting the evening off with a set of location based puns worthy of Flann O’Brien (I’m reading “The Third Policeman” to my kids at t bedtime) ZPG had an excellent scattergun of beats and noises reaching through space and time in a most enjoyable manner.

Henry also introduced the idea of WWWebwalking, which he was pretty good at, and we had a go here:

New Home

Just in case you thought it was all done with mirrors, here is a Bartosz eye view of how the live visuals work:

So the first act to play at the Komedia Theatre bar was a Bass off between Shige Ishihara and Henry Collins. Shige on mainly the SH101, Henry in his Slash’s Wormhole guise with the legendary two string hoover bass (Sarah, I believe).

I think I’ve caught a bit where the hoover is switched on, oh yes, Henry does like to keep things clean.

Second on the bill were kerazy pig mask wearing Meat Sweats.
The Meat Sweats sound like this. And look even better (see the video later).

DJScotchegg had prepared a special sonic set for us, featuring not just the gameboy but some excellent Synth work for a totally unexpected treat.

Then to crown the evenings antics we had Captain Shitmat on fine form.

Here is a live version of the mighty “Ellesse Warrior“. Ish.


Video to follow soon!