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A journey through February sound

Starting with lots of space : reverbed pianos and field recordings and banging through to Hi density bangers.

Komuso, starting as a two piece , finishing as four had a musical journey of their own, and here is a bit of it.

Replaced by Gagarin, all on his ownsome, but making up for that with an increase in intensity and rhythm.

Heres some of his set with more rhythm and less tune that most, but I liked the clicky bits.

Then with a foot on the monitor and something of a bounce in the step, we rounded off with Urban Delights who unplugged my recorder so I have no mp3.

Still they are on myspace and I have some video below. . . .

Komuso Live at the Spirit of Gravity feb 2009

Komuso Live at the Spirit of Gravity feb 2009

Gagarin Live at the Spirit of Gravity. feb 2009. II

gagarin live at SoG feb2009

urban delights live at sog feb 2009