Salonica of odd photographs

It was too dark for the regular camera, by and large.

Elektrocreche in full effect.

First Vlk and some saucer sounds.

Binnsclagg: Found poetry and chaos.

Burnt Canvas. The last song from their set, a dronish bouzouki corker.

neils greek diamond

Gatecrashers and interlopers Noteherder & McCloud with “It’s just the wind in the wires”

VLK, frsh from a great set at noise=noise with a brief excerpt of their set. Hear the whole thing at this place.

Mata Unit can be heard beeping and booping, as well as seen (its not so easy in the video below).

HRT scared the living shit out of everyone.

VLK live at the spirit of gravity august 2009

The whole Noteherder & McCloud set

Noteherder & McCloud Live at the spirit of gravity august 2009