January Songs and things

Rashamon and the ghost. i suspect its possible to construct a history of the world from the live versions of !Mates to Some Pilgrim”. But I’m not going to help you to do it by posting the great version from this show.
Instead here is Lees remix of The Uneven Dots song “Assembling at Dusk“.
He likes it so much he plays it out even if it is ‘unfinished’.

Komon gets too songs on the blog, mostly cos we loved Antonia’s cover of “Velocity Girl” so much, and it is so short we had to include one of her own songs too – “Take it as a compliment“. And because we loved that one, too.

And as for choosing one of Twocsinak’s songs, very tricky, too. And then there is the problem of what the name of the song actually may be. So we emailed Joe….

‘ (it) is one of a trilogy of songs, going under the umbrella title “Three submissions for Readers Digest”; it is the third section, entitled “Poetry for the elderly” or possibly “The Love Song
of J. Alfred Prufrock (T.S. Eliot)”. If it were to have an individual title, therefore, it would be “Three submissions for Readers Digest – iii) Poetry for the elderly: ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ (T.S. Eliot)”. But that’s a bit long; also, I tend to give live recordings different names to the actual recorded version. In which case, could you call it “An anagram of toilets, accidentally started an octave too low (live submission)”? ‘

Um, I don’t think I did call it that in the end, cos I couldn’t be bothered turning the spaces into underscores.
twocsinak-3 submissions for readers digest pt III.

That’s all, next month something very different.