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21st Birthday party

June 2022
The Race Hill

Thanks again to everyone who came to the All day birthday party, we had a brilliant day. Thanks to the artists who came down and without exception played a brilliant set.
Thanks to Abraham, Kassia and Jukes from The Rose Hill for their help and support.

now, thats a youtube moment

The second gig gets written up first: For Brighton live we took over the window of the clothes Shop juju in the North Laine as part of the Brighton Live promoters festival.

We set up _minimalVector inside the shop with a projector and his laptop for visuals, Tim and Soly kindly cleared the window and a rack of clothes inside.

Hot Roddy took first place and drew quite a crowd. He played a blinding set for about 40 minutes. Lee took a picture:

ANd we recorded an mp3:


Second in the space was Rashamon, hot foot from his show at Concorde2. Lee played a trademark set of hip hop inspired beats, beautiful washes and detailed psychedelia.

Heres the tail end of his set:
rashamon-Kelowna_Radio+Girl_ from_81.mp3

Last of all Terror Wogan let rip with the Atari stomp. crunching lo-fi 8bit ragga and electro.

pleased to say, that a passer by did capture the moment for us and post it up to youtube. Thanks clubberholic. He’s also the source for the photo’s up on flickr – so double thanks.

January Songs and things

Rashamon and the ghost. i suspect its possible to construct a history of the world from the live versions of !Mates to Some Pilgrim”. But I’m not going to help you to do it by posting the great version from this show.
Instead here is Lees remix of The Uneven Dots song “Assembling at Dusk“.
He likes it so much he plays it out even if it is ‘unfinished’.

Komon gets too songs on the blog, mostly cos we loved Antonia’s cover of “Velocity Girl” so much, and it is so short we had to include one of her own songs too – “Take it as a compliment“. And because we loved that one, too.

And as for choosing one of Twocsinak’s songs, very tricky, too. And then there is the problem of what the name of the song actually may be. So we emailed Joe….

‘ (it) is one of a trilogy of songs, going under the umbrella title “Three submissions for Readers Digest”; it is the third section, entitled “Poetry for the elderly” or possibly “The Love Song
of J. Alfred Prufrock (T.S. Eliot)”. If it were to have an individual title, therefore, it would be “Three submissions for Readers Digest – iii) Poetry for the elderly: ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ (T.S. Eliot)”. But that’s a bit long; also, I tend to give live recordings different names to the actual recorded version. In which case, could you call it “An anagram of toilets, accidentally started an octave too low (live submission)”? ‘

Um, I don’t think I did call it that in the end, cos I couldn’t be bothered turning the spaces into underscores.
twocsinak-3 submissions for readers digest pt III.

That’s all, next month something very different.

Summer Fun (June and July)

Due to some feeble excuse or other I didn’t get the June show digitised until far too late, so I’m mixing up the two shows for this post because, although they were internally very consistent, they were very different shows and breaking them up is going to give more entertainment value. Believe me.

Interestingly Blogger did a fair job of mixing up the photographs so I’m going to follow their lead….

Lastly Halal Kebab Hut played (last act in the July show).
Billed as a seven piece Junkestra, there were seven of them and they had lots of junk and toys and whistles and all sorts, also TWO sets of instructions, and more improvising than you would normally see in chimps cage in a Moroccan zoo. At once rigorous and freeform.

Halal kebab Hut playing.

Halal Kebab Hut after tidying up.

On this blog we have:
(I’m sure there is a real name for this, as there will be with some of the other mp3’s I’m posting today)

They also have on their site more mp3’s including the whole show.
and some photgraphs.

Before them Same Actor played. Now that he has to travel down from (and right across) London we don’t get to see the range of acoustic instrumentation we were so blase about in the past: I mean who could get on the tube with a Sitar, Dulcimer, acoustic guitar, along with the laptop and pennies etc.

But we still get to see the new Sitar, and its a beauty – possibly even more so than the Sitar that was broken just after the last show. Before the show Chris said he’d had some trouble with aliens, but blissfully they left him alone to complete a lovely set of processed Sitar figures.

Here is an mp3 of something, maybe the tribute to Ligeti he opened the set with.
But maybe not.. – IT IS!

Rashamon opened the June show, with a great reworking of “Mates to some pilgrim” followed by lots of new tunes. The new songs were crunchy and rolling. Slightly threatening if you looked at them in a funny way.

Heres something on mp3.

Lifting Gear Engineer played after Rashamon in June, keeping the beat up and scattering pittar patter bass drum patterns all around it, plus the most tuneful detuned sounds I’ve heard outside Detroit.


Again Rob if you can tell me what this is properly called it’d be nice!

Dan Powell opened the July show with a very new set. Processing (Primarily) percussion through a laptop, plus some keyboards. He clinged and clonked, hummed and resonated.
fascinating to watch, too, July was SoG in its experiental glory.

I made up the name for this piece, lol.


Sorry Dan.

Crowning the June show multiplex took off fromLifting Gear Engineers landing strip of rhythm and soared. Their lovely melancholy brushed up with some tasty drum work, plus film!


There are more adequate descriptions of the shows on the Spirit of Gravity website in the Gravitational Pull section.