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The July Spirit of Gravity was something of a backhanded tribute to Wrong Music.

Starting off the evening was Life President of The Spirit of Gravity in his Same Actor guise. Eventually I’ll be posting up some video of his version of “Steptoe and Son”

So for the mp3 I’m posting up a bit with some stolen cymbal (live sampling of Medicine and Duty’s drum kits).

Next up were a group I’ve wanted to book since I saw them play in the cramped spaces of the downstairs room at The Volks at 3am.

This is the beginning of their set, before the growling started.

Rounding off the evening were the vanguard of the Shoreham Electronic Alliance, The 55th Flotilla.

Telegraph and wheel: this is just a good bit.

A new home

So the first show in our new home The Three And Ten in Steine Street.

We like it, it has something of the Albert, Something of the Marlborough and a little something all of its own.

We were the first show in apart from the comedians so things were a bit tricky at first. but we soon got the hang of it.

Dan Powell opened the venue, playing from the back. Perversely. Accompanied by very abstract visuals from _minimalVector.

he never gives me titles for his pieces, so I’ve called this segment “Wilf”

Setting up on the floor of the stage with his Sitar, out of sight, but partially in range of Bartosz video feed was Same Actor making his second appearance in this blog of recent times. It is another good one, natch.


Stepping in at the last minute for Bemass, who couldn’t make it due to bela being caught ill in Vancvouver, was ‘J’m black (again) with a Safehouse Wildcard Electro-Acoustic Ensemble.
Featuring Monty Oxymoron, from The Damned, Alasdair Willis from The Vitamin B12, Alastair Strachan from Vole, and matt Grey, who I’ve not seen play before.

This is a bit from the space section of their set, before Monty got into jazzy chords.


Safehouse @ Spirit of Gravity

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Sog Vs London

A brief one for this.

Hot Roddy arranged a trip to London.

It was great. Really.

representing London (Twice) we had the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys.

A bit of the second set

Providing the bridge we had Same Actor (a preview for the coming Brighton show?)

A Bit of Same Actor

And from Brighton Noteherder & McCloud accompanied by _minimalVector

insights and oberservations

Noteherder & McCloud – follow the Stokey alien
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Summer Fun (June and July)

Due to some feeble excuse or other I didn’t get the June show digitised until far too late, so I’m mixing up the two shows for this post because, although they were internally very consistent, they were very different shows and breaking them up is going to give more entertainment value. Believe me.

Interestingly Blogger did a fair job of mixing up the photographs so I’m going to follow their lead….

Lastly Halal Kebab Hut played (last act in the July show).
Billed as a seven piece Junkestra, there were seven of them and they had lots of junk and toys and whistles and all sorts, also TWO sets of instructions, and more improvising than you would normally see in chimps cage in a Moroccan zoo. At once rigorous and freeform.

Halal kebab Hut playing.

Halal Kebab Hut after tidying up.

On this blog we have:
(I’m sure there is a real name for this, as there will be with some of the other mp3’s I’m posting today)

They also have on their site more mp3’s including the whole show.
and some photgraphs.

Before them Same Actor played. Now that he has to travel down from (and right across) London we don’t get to see the range of acoustic instrumentation we were so blase about in the past: I mean who could get on the tube with a Sitar, Dulcimer, acoustic guitar, along with the laptop and pennies etc.

But we still get to see the new Sitar, and its a beauty – possibly even more so than the Sitar that was broken just after the last show. Before the show Chris said he’d had some trouble with aliens, but blissfully they left him alone to complete a lovely set of processed Sitar figures.

Here is an mp3 of something, maybe the tribute to Ligeti he opened the set with.
But maybe not.. – IT IS!

Rashamon opened the June show, with a great reworking of “Mates to some pilgrim” followed by lots of new tunes. The new songs were crunchy and rolling. Slightly threatening if you looked at them in a funny way.

Heres something on mp3.

Lifting Gear Engineer played after Rashamon in June, keeping the beat up and scattering pittar patter bass drum patterns all around it, plus the most tuneful detuned sounds I’ve heard outside Detroit.


Again Rob if you can tell me what this is properly called it’d be nice!

Dan Powell opened the July show with a very new set. Processing (Primarily) percussion through a laptop, plus some keyboards. He clinged and clonked, hummed and resonated.
fascinating to watch, too, July was SoG in its experiental glory.

I made up the name for this piece, lol.


Sorry Dan.

Crowning the June show multiplex took off fromLifting Gear Engineers landing strip of rhythm and soared. Their lovely melancholy brushed up with some tasty drum work, plus film!


There are more adequate descriptions of the shows on the Spirit of Gravity website in the Gravitational Pull section.