February sunshine part II

When the spirit of gravity was founded, round here it was all fields,

Wise words from Mr Nick Rilke of This Sound Bureaucracy, the electro-poetic rantings of the permanently sane.

Here is a rerun of an old live favourite, the first time we’ve managed to snag it for ourselves.


Ry-Om spent a while loading their laptops with guitar scrapes squeaks and squangles.

Then slowly let them escape to run around the room.

Halal Kebab Hut defy explanation.

Listen to this and then it may be better to watch the video in part I

Heres another still from Ry-Om’s set, we liked this one, a nice shot of _minimalVector action.


The Battle of Brighton Live

SoG’s new out-reach programme nearly fell at the first hurdle when various acts were booked to appear in Bond Street’s trendy bar Riki Tik’s on 30th September as part of Brighton Live’s city-wide free music fest. Let’s just say that the selection of abstract electro-acoustic experimentation didn’t go down that well with the locals. Funny as it sounds OK to me when I listen to it now, particularly Dan Powell‘s set, which started the evening off:


This Sound Bureacracy followed, although technical problems stopped them producing the full range of sounds that were planned. Despite this, the set still came together from time to time:


The tentative nature of the performance didn’t help with the audience though, so here is the entirety of Minimal Impact‘s set, before he ran for the hills:


Celled didn’t play at all, but the night was saved when, fresh from his triumph at Concorde 2, Rashamon rode in on his white charger and quietened the natives with a smooth performance of hypnotic beats and melodies, which quite frankly was what the whole gig should have been like if we had thought it through. I’m sorry to say that I was cowering in the corner by this time, so didn’t get a recording of the set, but please acept my word when I say it was a cracker.

Tony Rimbaud

The Argus He Knows

This Sound Bureaucracy get down.
Why does Nick Rilke always wear a hood onstage?
Random poetic guests and loopoopoops comprise their set.
Heres guest poet from Sold/Celled Howard letting us know what he likes to look at in art galleries (mp3).
It was either this or Lee Rashamons Britney piece about Emperor Penguins.

Simon Fupper plays guitar and sings a treat, he definitely played the b-side of his Jonson family single but maybe not the fabulous a side.
This is Lea (mp3) anyway.

Leo Abrahams just plays the guitar, he may sing, but he didn’t for us, but then we didn’t let him have a microphone. He does play the guitar though, this photo was taken right at the beginning of the second song I think, part of the percussion loop that drives the song along.
Thats what he does, builds instrumental songs with loops: bright, clear loops. Even the distortion is clear as a bell.
This is “Anemone” from his new album “Scene memory” on Biphop.
One of the quiet songs.