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May 2016
Green Door Store

Broken Star

Broken Star

For various reasons, I’m not doing things at this show, and when I arrive Andrew and Tom have just started the Broken Star set. They set up on the floor of the Green Door Store, so as not to occlude the slide-show of Toms photographs of London. Updated since they first did this show at The Komedia. Tom’s getting some pretty nasty textures from his e-bowed guitar while Andrew switches around between electric piano and organ arpeggios, he hasn’t been wasting the things he’s learnt on his recent shows based around exploring Terry Riley’s mid sixties pieces, there’s some nicely psychedelic work afoot in here, slowly unfolding melodies in strange keys.



Second up is Leaver, one of whom toured with Tim Holehouse last year and enjoyed his show with us so much he had to come back to Brighton and spend some more time here. They do short constructed but completely unnerving songs. There’s something very sinister, unsettling about them. They do enjoy the live ambience of the GDS though, Angel at one point fleeing his laptop on the stage to howl around the room.



While he’s doing that Ræppen has robed up and quietly set up to the side of the stage, as Leaver wind down, Tim starts rubbing beach stones together and getting his loops into shape, he starts the throat singing and things really start to get intense,there’s some chanting, and sudden drops each time buildng back to a dense storm of rich textured vocalese.

SQ feat KET

SQ feat KET

Finishing off the evening SQ feat KET clean the stage standing to each side, Thomas Bjelkeborn on the right, a Wii controller and laptop glitching the voices coming from Koray Tahiroglu’s visuals fed in from the left. Slurred, degraded video of an old Siberian mangled up by Bjelkborn’s software. Its very clean sounding and digital after the analogue murk of the rest of the evening, interesting how much space you can get into something so distorted and messed up.

Empty words but full of music

No video up for this month yet as Myspace is now so rubbish I can’t upload video, I’ll reactivate the youtube account and put it up there eventually. Promise.

Broken Star have been playing with Ron Caines who is a long standing member of Jazz-proggers East of Eden. If you ask them nicely they’ll give you a copy of the cd they’ve done with him, in the meantime here is a bit of space music from the middle of their set.

Dan and Gus have been playing together for a while, and here they get quiet on yo’ ass.

Meshmass are on a mission to produce a vast amount of loopy music. Heres a bit now.

Temporal Visions

Travelling through time: a backwards look at The Future with The Spirit of Gravity. As usual Video at the end!

I’m Dr Buoyant and Broken Star collaborated on taking a sideways look at memory,

The Organ Grinders Monkey sang about Robots and Humans.

The Glyphs discussed philsophy with Aliens.

And Cosmonaut Transfer cut the crap and just went out there.

Here is Cosmonaut Transfers full set on soundcloud:

Cosmonauttransfer Live at the Komedia Club January 2011 by cosmonauttransfer

I’m Dr Buoyant and Broken Star live Spirit of Gravity jan 2011

The Spirit of Gravity | Myspace Music Videos

The Organ Grinders Monkey


Cosmonaut Transfer live at The Spirit of Gravity jan 2011

The Spirit of Gravity | Myspace Music Videos

Recruitment Drive

Grasscut, Hellboy, Broken Star.

This a great bit from the middle of Broken Stars set. And not just cos of the fuzz organ. Or Tom Del Rio’s visuals.

Hellboy really lets rip in the middle of his set.

I don’t have any audio of Grasscut available, sorry, but here is some video:

Grasscut Live at The Spirit of Gravity

The Spirit of Gravity | MySpace Music Videos

Hellboy live at The Spirit of Gravity

The Spirit of Gravity | MySpace Music Videos

Broken Star live at The Spirit of Gravity – Dawn

The Spirit of Gravity | MySpace Music Videos